Pre-prosthetic Orthodontics

Capogna Pre-prosthetic Orthodontics
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Set Yourself Up For Success

Some dental prosthetics, such as a crown, bridge, implant, or denture, may not be able to be placed without orthodontic intervention. When this occurs, we work closely with your dentist to ensure you receive the correction you need in order to have your prosthetic or restoration placed properly. 

Patients with overcrowded or crooked teeth, may not have space or the correct tooth alignment to receive the dental restoration they need. However, orthodontic treatment can guide the teeth to an optimal position to ensure the restoration fits properly and won’t cause future problems. 

If patients do not receive a needed restoration, it can result in tooth decay, tooth loss, or tooth extractions. These can weaken or jeopardize oral function. After a consultation at Capogna Orthodontics and a conversation with your general dentist, we will create a plan that allows you to get your needed restoration quickly and safely. 

Capogna Overcrowded Teeth