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Smart Clear Aligners

Invisalign® aligners are increasing in popularity because they are practically invisible and removable. This allows for easier cleaning, but also comes with an added responsibility of making sure to put the aligners back in. 

Adults generally wear aligners more responsibly because they understand the cost and don’t want delayed treatments. Teens on the other hand can struggle to remember to put their aligners back in after removing them. Invisalign® Teen has a solution to help remind teens to keep their treatment on track. 

The Invisalign® Teen aligner has a tiny dot on the back of the aligner. The dot changes from blue to clear to white to show how the progress on treatment is going. The more consistently your teen wears the aligner, the faster the dot will change to white. This allows parents to monitor their child’s progress and also directly shows the teen how well they are doing on their treatment. At Capogna Orthodontics in North Massapequa and Garden City, NY, we always strive to provide the most comfortable and efficient care. We also offer Invisalign® and Invisalign® First

Besides this difference, Invisalign® Teen works exactly the same as normal Invisalign®. Call us today to see if your teen is a good candidate for Invisalign® Teen!