Habit Correction

Habit Correction
habit correction

Leave the Habits in the Past

Thumb sucking, mouth breathing, and incorrect swallowing can all cause tooth misalignments. Simple exercises or oral appliances may be used to correct or stop these habits before they cause permanent misalignments. 

The jaw is still actively growing and flexible until around age 8. Putting constant pressure on the roof of the mouth with thumb or pacifier sucking can deform the jaw and alter the growth patterns of the teeth. Ceasing these habits as soon as possible allows the jaws to develop correctly, and lessens the risk of severe tooth and jaw misalignments later in life. Capogna Orthodontics in North Massapequa and Garden City, NY, we always strive to provide the most comfortable and efficient care. 

Benefits of Habit Correction Appliances:

Decreased risk of alignment & developmental problems

Minimally invasive

Works even while the child is sleeping or distracted

Teaches the child to stop harmful habits

Capogna Habit Correction

If you notice your child consistently doing any of the habits mentioned above, or if their general dentist has indicated that they would benefit from habit correction treatment, schedule a consultation at Capogna Orthodontics.