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No More Messy Impressions

The iTero orthodontic scanner is a cutting-edge digital tool used in dentistry and orthodontics to create high-quality, accurate 3D images of a patient’s teeth and bite. Here are some of the benefits of the iTero orthodontic scanner:

Improved patient experience

The iTero scanner uses a small, handheld wand that is gently placed in the patient’s mouth to capture images of their teeth. This process is quick and comfortable, and eliminates the need for messy traditional dental impressions.

High Accuracy

The iTero scanner captures precise 3D images of a patient’s teeth and bite, allowing for more accurate diagnosis and treatment planning.

Benefits Of iTero® Digital Scanner:

Better treatment outcomes

The detailed images captured by the iTero scanner enable orthodontists to design more precise treatment plans, resulting in more predictable and effective outcomes.

Faster treatment times

With the iTero scanner, orthodontists can create digital models of a patient's teeth and bite in a matter of minutes, compared to the days it can take to receive traditional impressions back from a lab

Increased patient engagement

Patients can view their digital models in real time and gain a better understanding of their treatment plan. This increased engagement can lead to better compliance and more successful treatment outcomes.

Easy communication with other healthcare providers

The iTero scanner allows for easy sharing of digital models with other healthcare providers, such as dentists, oral surgeons, and periodontists, to ensure comprehensive care.

Capogna iTero Technology

Overall, the iTero orthodontic scanner is a valuable tool that provides many benefits for both patients and healthcare providers in the field of dentistry and orthodontics.

We look forward to introducing you to the innovation of modern dentistry. iTero® offers one more reason to experience the difference at Capogna Orthodontics in our Massapequa and Garden City location!