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Orthognathic Surgery

Orthodontic treatments are amazing at fixing a variety of jaw alignment issues. However, some alignment problems cannot be fixed with traditional orthodontic treatments. Orthognathic surgery (Corrective Jaw Surgery) can fix more complicated jaw alignment problems.

If the upper and lower teeth aren’t aligned together correctly, it can impair an individual’s ability to bite, chew or speak. An oral surgeon can reposition the jaws with orthognathic surgery to achieve optimal oral function. 

Orthognathic surgery is generally only performed on adults. Children’s jaws are still growing, so it is easier to modify the shape or size of a child’s jaw through more non-invasive methods. However, the jaw stops growing around ages 16-18 so corrective surgery is the only way adults can modify the jaw. 

Capogna Orthognathic surgery

Should I Get Surgery Before or After My Orthodontic Treatment? 

Generally, you should receive your orthodontic treatment before you get orthognathic surgery. If the teeth are already aligned then it is easier to put the jaws in an optimal position for function. Your orthodontic treatment may continue after surgery to bring the teeth to their final position. 

Capogna Orthognathic surgery treatment

At Capogna Orthodontics, we want to help you achieve the smile of your dreams. If orthodontic surgery is in your treatment plan, we will guide you through the process and determine when the best time would be for the surgery to take place.