Orthodontist Farmingdale

Capogna Offers the Best Orthodontic Care: The Finest Treatment for Your Smile!

Yes, our patients are our priority for dental healthcare, and we always promise to offer top-notch dental services in Farmingdale. With our highly proficient dental team and orthodontics, we can offer superior and safe oral care services related to jaw, dentofacial, Invisalign, braces & other emergency dental needs.

Why Choose Us?

  1. Proficiency in Dentofacial Orthopedics: Utilize our customized orthodontic methods for ideal facial harmony.
  2. Give Your Smile a Makeover with Invisalign: Take advantage of discrete dentistry options for a gorgeous, self-assured smile.
  3. Treatment for Specialized Teeth Expanders: Our specially-made expanders can precisely align your teeth for improved dental health.
  4. Early orthodontic treatment: Take care of dental problems as soon as possible to maintain long-term oral health.
  5. Customized braces and retainers: solutions to meet your preferences and orthodontic requirements.
  6. Comprehensive Pre-Prosthetic Orthodontics: With our all-inclusive orthodontic treatment, such as teeth retainers, you can get your smile ready for prosthetic appliances.
  7. Corrective jaw surgery: Address misaligned jaws to enhance appearance and functionality.
  8. Quick Dental Emergency Assistance: For any orthodontic emergency, get access to quick care and assistance.


Experience the difference at Orthodontist Farmingdale today! Book your appointment for expert care in Dentofacial Orthopedics, Invisalign treatment, and more.