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Invisalign® For Little Smiles

We recommend that children should first see us at age 7 so we can identify if any early intervention is needed. For some children, it may be best to start their orthodontic treatment before age 10 to help guide the teeth into place while the child is still growing. Invisalign® First offers an easy solution for children who need early orthodontic intervention. 

Brushing and flossing teeth can be hard enough for little ones without the added effort that comes with metal braces. Invisalign® First aligners are completely removable, allowing normal cleaning habits. Invisalign® can also be removed at meals completely avoiding any dietary restrictions during their treatment. Your child can continue eating all the food they love during treatment.

Invisalign® First can correct a variety of alignment issues. From crowding to narrow dental arches, Invisalign® First can help your child achieve a functional, beautiful smile. Additionally, they are designed with your child’s comfort in mind. You won’t have to worry about any uncomfortable rubbing or poking from metal brackets and wires. We also offer Invisalign® Teen and  Invisalign®

Capogna Invisalign First aligners

Capogna Orthodontics is with you through every stage of your child’s orthodontic journey. Contact our office today and see if Invisalign® First is right for your child.