Herricks is a school district and a community located in Nassau County, Long Island, New York. It’s often associated with the Herricks Union Free School District, which serves the local area. Here are some key points about Herricks:


Herricks is situated in the Town of North Hempstead in Nassau County, Long Island.


The Herricks Union Free School District serves students in the area. It includes several schools, such as elementary, middle, and high schools. The district is known for its commitment to education.


Herricks is a residential community with a mix of housing options. The community is often praised for its suburban atmosphere and is attractive to families.


Herricks has convenient access to transportation. While it may not have its own Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) station, nearby stations provide access to commuter rail services to New York City and other parts of Long Island.

Parks and Recreation

The community may have parks and recreational facilities, providing residents with outdoor spaces and opportunities for leisure.


Like many areas on Long Island, Herricks is known for its cultural diversity, with residents from various backgrounds contributing to the community’s fabric.


Herricks is primarily a residential area, but it may have some local businesses, shops, and services to serve the needs of its residents.


The community provides essential services to its residents, including public safety services and local facilities.

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